What is Smashified?

The Smash Bros. community is a collective of gamers and loyal fans of a myriad of game characters, and not all of these characters are as well known as Mario or Link. Heck, some of these characters aren’t even owned by Nintendo! For every character that is welcomed into the ranks of the Smash Bros. games, there are dozens of beloved characters that are left behind.

The central purpose of the Smashified series is to pay tribute to these characters, regardless of those characters’ ties to Nintendo, their relevance in the modern gaming industry, or the feasibility of their inclusion in Smash Bros.

The centerpiece of each installment is a rendition of a character in the style of SSB for Wii U/3DS. Each detail is carefully considered in order to pay homage to the characters’ rich histories, while also fitting in stylistically with the rest of the real Smash 4 roster. Each rendition is accompanied by a time lapse video showcasing the creation process, and features an appropriate musical arrangement produced by one of the many talented musicians in the community.