RetroSpecter, formerly known as "TheOphidians" on YouTube, is a professional musician and video editing hobbyist.

Retro has always had an affinity and appreciation towards video game music ever since his first video game he beat when he was 3; Sonic The Hedgehog. Since then, Retro has always viewed audio as one of the most important aspects of a video game. As he grew up, he'd listen to more covers/remixes that he'd come across on YouTube, hoping to one day make remixes like that himself.

During his first year of high school, he began his music career on YouTube in 2008 at the age of 16 under the alias "VanillaFUBAR", making YouTube Poop Music Videos (or YTPMV for short). This account would stay active for 3 years before closing due to personal reasons. About a year after that, he opened up a let's play channel called TheOphidians with his best friend. During moments of LP inactivity he would upload experimental video game remixes utilizing the past skills he developed from YTPMVs . These remixes garnered a lot of attention, motivating him to make more. This caused the focus of the channel to shift exclusively to remixes, ending the Let's Play business with his friend.

Retro is currently not attending any classes until he can afford them. When he can, he hopes to dive straight into the music industry and one day hopefully become a video game composer. Until then, it's his duty to be a retail cashier.

Not Available for Commission Work

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YouTube: RetroSpecter (TheOphidians)
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Twitter: TheRetroSpecter