Nathanael Platier

Musician, Audio Engineer

Nathanael Platier, sometimes nicknamed "Thanael", is a musician and aspiring voice actor.

Nathanael's musical stance tends to always lean towards the orchestral side of things, however he is known to delve into unfamiliar territories with his music! Having always drawn inspiration from video games and their music, Thanael decided to focus his talents in that same field, hoping to one day become a well known composer for video games. Being a part of both this team and the post production company, "Cylight Studios", he has found himself working on many interesting projects, some of which being indie video games and animations!

His quirky humor and strangely seductive low voice makes him an interesting member of the group!

Nathanael hopes to one day become an actual power ranger.
Don't shatter his dreams.
Let him believe.

Available for Commission Work

To commission me please contact me via email: [email protected]

Tools of the Trade

Cubase 6
CineSamples, 8Dio, EWQL Composer Cloud

Find Nathanael in the Wild!

YouTube: Nathanael Platier
Twitter: Thanael_Platier