Mykal Williams


Mykal Williams is a composer, audio engineer, and gaming enthusiast.

Growing up in a family of musicians, Mykal's love for music was inevitable. He began writing, composing, and mixing his own material at the age of twelve and hasn't looked back since. While his style was primarily hip hop in sound, he implemented many of the melodic elements he would hear in his favorite video games. While his passion for gaming was just as strong as his passion for music, he never considered diving into the video game world to be an option. This was about to change.

Mykal eventually went on to attend Los Angeles Recording School in 2013 for an Associate's degree in audio engineering. It was here that he discovered an interest in video game sound design and realized that his love for gaming did not have to be suppressed. Soon after, he joined a site called, GaminRealm, where he writes and edits articles on events surrounding the gaming industry.

After graduating in late 2014, Mykal has been collaborating with a number of people on numerous projects he plans to reveal in the near future. In the meantime, he continues to make music, be Bruno Mars' long lost brother, and write various sorts of content for all the internet to see.

Not Available for Commission Work

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