What is Trophies?

Trophies is a spin-off of the main Smashified series where we create 3D trophy models. In general, these 3D renders will be simpler in design, and much like trophies in Smash, Smashified trophies won't necessarily conform to the style of the character renders.

What makes Trophies different from the main Smashified series?

This series is a lot more casual in nature, and is an avenue through which we as artists get a chance to explore some of our own interests on a broader level. As such, rather than pulling our choices from suggestions, we'll be doing whatever subjects we find interesting.

The music in each video will usually be selected from existing remixes, rather than created specifically for the series. Unlike with the main series, only 1 video with be produced for any given trophy, and may or may not include commentary. There will also be some instances where the trophies don't receive a time lapse at all, and will be posted straight to the website exclusively in image form.

What's eligible to be made into a trophy?

Just like in Smash Bros, Trophies can include characters, objects, items—you name it!

Down the road, you may even see some of the existing 2D character renders recreated as trophies! Being able to do every character as a full 3D model is one of our milestone goals on our Patreon Page.

Video Indicator Icons

Each trophy listing has a couple of icons in the top right corner:

  • The clock icon indicates whether a trophy has a time lapse video.
  • The microphone icon indicates whether or not the time lapse video has commentary.