Frequently Asked Questions

Requests and Suggestions

Do you take requests? If so, can you smashify [insert character here]?

We don't take individual requests, but we do use community suggestions to guide and direct which characters we tackle. If a character suggestion is popular, you can probably expect it to be done at some point. It's just a matter of when. =P

Can you smashify [Insert cut veteran here]

The veterans of the Smash games that didn't make it into Smash 4 are very missed, and chances are, they'll be covered at some point. However, part of what makes Smashified exciting is the opportunity to breathe new life into characters, some of which have been slumbering for years or even decades! Characters that have been in past Smash games generally have a smaller capacity for artistic interpretation, and as such, they're a lower priority than "newcomer" characters.

Can you smashify my original character?

Our focus with the series is video game characters, and we also don't take individual requests.

What if I pay you!?

We don't have a team policy regarding commissions. Feel free to check out the individual artists' about pages to see if it's something they'd be interested in doing!


What programs do you use to create these?


Can I use the art for my own projects?

Definitely! This is a community project, and we want the community to benefit from our efforts.

Can I use the music for my own projects?

We don't have a team-wide policy regarding the use of music created for or used in Smashified. It's up to the individual musicians whether or not they want to make the music widely accessible for use, so contact the musician!

Can you teach me how to create art in the Smash style?

Probably not. =P There's no formula to creating art like this. It's just about having the necessary experience. But in the near future, Omni will be creating some tutorials that cover various facets of the process.

Another artists did a really good looking rendition of [insert character here]. Does this mean you won't do this character anymore?

Not at all! Inevitably there will be other talented artists out there who want to take a crack at a character and will do it with flying colors. This won't stop us from trying to do one of our own! It's our belief that every artist has unique taste, and brings something different to a character design that other people might not, and we think that's always worth exploring, even if it's a bit redundant in the grand scheme of things.