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Hey guys, Omni here! I just wanted to let you all know that in the midst of the format changes to the Smashified series, Lend Your Voice is going to be discontinued indefinitely. We might bring back announcer voice clips in another form at some point down the road, but for now, we won't be including it in our process commentaries.

Thank you so much to everybody who has contributed your voices to Lend Your Voice in the past!

Be the Announcer!

Is there a character you want Smashified? Can you do a good Smash Announcer impression? We'd love for you to submit your voice clips for the character "splash screens" at the end of each non-commentary video.

You can submit any character name you want, and we'll collect them in a repository. If and when one of those characters is chosen, we'll pick our favorite voice clip and use it in the video! If we get a lot of submissions, you might be recognized as an honorable mention on the character's page here on the website. =)

This isn't an audition to become a permanent voice actor for the series, and voice clips are selected on a per-character basis. Keep in mind, being the only person to submit a clip for a particular character doesn't guarantee that your clip will be used; it still has to be a good quality clip and a worthy impression of the real announcer. However, in the instances where a suitable voice clip hasn't been submitted for a given character, there is always the possibility that we might contact one of you to request some takes!

And remember, we give hints for upcoming characters, so keep it in mind when selecting a character name to submit!

Submission Guidelines

There's a few things to keep in mind when recording your voice clips:

  • Smash 4 Style: Make it as close to the Smash 4 announcer as possible. Compare your own voice clip back to back with the real thing as a test! Here's a video of the real announcer as reference.
  • Style Matters! Try to capture the character's personality in how you announce the character. Don't settle for just a standard shouty voice right away. For instance, "Greninja" is said in a subtle way to reflect his stealthiness. "Luigi" is said in a somewhat surprised fashion, in reference to the fact that Mario is usually the chosen one. "Ganondorf" and "Bowser" are said in a somewhat sinister fashion. Ask yourself, "what does the announcer think of the player's choice?"
  • Multiple Takes! Record multiple takes in a row and try a few different ideas. Remember, the real announcer has a lot of range!
  • Quality Counts! Use a good mic and suitable recording conditions (pop filters are your friends!). Background hiss should be at a minimum. Make sure your sound file isn't distorted in any way.

Submission Requirements

Please conform to the following rules in order to qualify:

  • Record only the name of the character as if it were for the character select screen.
  • If you would like to submit clips for multiple characters, please submit each character in a separate email.
  • If you record multiple different styled takes in a row, keep it as a single sound file.
  • Feel free to apply effects to enhance your voice clip (eg: reverb, echo, etc.), but be sure to include a version without effects.
  • Email your voice clip to team@smashifiedart.com
  • Attach your submission as a .wav or .mp3 file
  • Format the subject line as follows: "Lend Your Voice - [Character Name] - [Your Name]"
    • Example: Lend Your Voice - Cat Mario - Mander Xobus
    • The name you use in the subject line will be how you are credited in the video if you are chosen.
    • Feel free to use your twitter handle if you have one.
    • Not following this format will result in your email submission not being filed properly.

Here's how the credit will be formatted in the video: